I was just sent a picture by my client and friend Adam Wakefield. And he has given me permission to share his story. Adam was sent to me by a mutual friend. As he lives in Nashville, we spoke over the phone and discussed his history and his concerns. I had him send me some photos of himself and we spent some time talking about the fue procedure and what we do. Our plan, of course, would have to be made after an in-person exam prior to his transplant day. This was a routine process for us, as 25% of our transplant clients come from out of state.


Like so many of our clients, he started receding at a young age and wore hats virtually 100% of the time. I informed him of some strategies that are available to slow-down his hair loss long-term, and a few weeks later he made the trip from Nashville to Madison, MS.

In-person exam confirmed what the pictures had shown and after more discussion, we decided that an ARTAS Robotic FUE transplant of approximately 1600 grafts would be the right choice for Adam at the time. Adam had hair loss at a stage of Norwood 4, with quite a lot of temple recession. His pattern and loss had stabilized. He had good donor and the clipped donor area could easily be covered by his long hair to make him presentable immediately after the procedure until his hair had time to grow for a few days. This was particularly important since Adam is on-stage virtually every night and frequently on tv and video.

5 months after

The next day went exactly as expected. Our strategy was to recreate his hairline and create density in his forelock. We enjoy all of our clients and Adam was no exception. He had a great attitude, was excited about getting his procedure done and his visits are always welcome.

The picture he sent shows him headed out for the night, without a hat. He felt great and confident and decided to send me a picture. What a remarkable difference we can make with even a moderate size FUE procedure. And keep in mind that less than 6 months has passed – it has just started to grow and will continue to grow and thicken through month 14! I’m excited for you, Adam! And thanks for letting us be a part of your journey.

— Dr. J. McCollum

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