The photo to the left is a little bit of trickery…to my knowledge The Rock hasn’t yet worn his Natural Restorations t-shirt. Though we do have among our clients a few local and national celebrities, they don’t include anyone pictured on this page. Out of respect for everyone’s privacy, I’d never divulge the identity of our actual clients, whether celebrity or average Joe.  But, what I wanted to show is how common and transformative modern hair transplants have become.  Long gone are the plugs that you saw on your grandfather’s golfing buddy.  Today’s transplant has become a status symbol for men. If you don’t want to go bald, you have the power to choose otherwise! We offer you a procedure that uses your own individual follicular-units to create a soft, irregular hairline and a completely natural look.  And whether performed with our ultra-high tech ARTAS robot, or manually with the WAW device, our FUE procedures provide the ability to harvest those follicular units from the back of your head without leaving a tell-tale linear scar and the need to wear your hair at a longer length. This procedure gives you back the hair you used to love, restoring your confidence. It’s a life-changing day for our patients, and we want you to enjoy the experience. Transplant days are all about the guy in the chair. YOU’RE the celebrity of the day. All hands on deck are dedicated to our patient’s comfort and satisfaction while we move hairs around. It’s painstaking, tedious work.  And I love every minute of it. -Dr. J. McCollum

If you had an FUT transplant procedure and have been unhappy with a noticeable incision scar, we can help with FUE scar revision services. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) uses A.I. and 3D mapping to strategically place new follicles.

Forget what you heard about long-term recovery from traditional hair transplant procedures. With ARTAS® from Restoration Robotics, you’ll experience minimum downtime and manageable after treatment care, with exceptional results.