ARTAS® FUE Robotic Hair Restoration

Follicular unit excision (FUE) and the use of advanced robotics has revolutionized hair transplant procedures — and dramatically improved results. With the ARTAS Robotic System, the need to use a scalpel is removed and the speed with which the FUE hair transplantation can occur is increased.  The precision technology allows for up to 1,500 follicle grafts per hour, which can provide thousands of  new transplants in a single session, without the need for stitches or extensive healing time.

The advanced three-dimensional technology in the ARTAS Hair Studio helps by providing visual recommendations based on photo imaging, so that our patients can see what the new hairline will look like, and select one that feels unique and personalized.  Watch the video to learn more.

The FUE procedure leaves tiny round hypopigmented areas on the back of your head.  One of the advantages that FUE has over FUT/strip surgery is that these are easily covered by very short hair.  The linear scar of FUT/strip is more noticeable and requires longer hair to ensure that it won’t be seen.  The linear strip scar also may be more noticeable under wet hair which is bad news for swimmers and beach-goers.

The ARTAS FUE uses a three dimensional image guided software and robotic arm, for live motion tracking, and a comfortable front reclining position for the patient. The expertise of our physician and clinical staff determine the pattern and density required for transplanted follicles to provide volume and a natural look.  It’s a little bit of art, and a lot of science that makes for a better procedure for our patients.

The ARTAS is the most precise, accurate, and repeatable method of doing an FUE procedure – both in harvesting without causing damage to your limited and irreplaceable donor grafts, and its ability to make recipient sites into your thinning areas without damaging your existing hair follicles.

Clinically Prescribed Therapies

Some individuals get mild improvement by using over-the-counter treatments that promise to dramatically improve thinning or hair loss in problem areas.  Often, these claims are based on anecdotal evidence at best – lacking empirical evidence of efficacy.  While we cannot unilaterally discount the results that some patients report, in our experience, only clinical strength topical and oral medications provide real benefit.

The 3 targets of medical therapy are:

  1. Stop the loss
  2. Increase hair volume
  3. Increase hair count

The FDA has approved only 2 medications for the treatment of Male Pattern Baldness.  These are extensively proven to be effective and safe to use.

Prescription topical and oral medications may be recommended by our doctor at Natural Restorations as part of a personalized solution.   Ask us for more information at your free consultation.

Low level laser therapy

Though 133,000+ Americans receive hair transplants every year, over 250,000 are treated without surgery for their hair loss. Along with medications and Low Level Laser Therapy, PRP is an option for many patients to stop the loss and regain some density.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a portion of your blood that is concentrated so that every drop contains a high concentration of platelets. These platelets have growth factors that speed healing and encourage the follicles to grow thicker and stronger.

Think of it as fertilizer for the hair. First, our nurse draws blood from your arm after using a numbing technique for your comfort. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge where the platelet rich portion is separated out. Your scalp is numbed and the mixture is injected into areas of thinning.