Advice for Patients Coping with Hair Loss

The clinical causes of hair loss are unavoidable, but with advanced technology and an effective treatment plan, you can reverse the thinning and turn back the clock to thick and youthful healthy hair.  Natural Restorations is pleased to provide resource articles for our patients, including treatment options, tips and clinical advice.

Celebrity Hair Transplants

The photo to the left is a little bit of trickery...to my knowledge The Rock hasn't yet worn his Natural Restorations t-shirt. Though we do have among our clients a few local and national celebrities, they don’t include anyone pictured on…

Adam's Losing the Hat

I was just sent a picture by my client and friend Adam Wakefield. And he has given me permission to share his story. Adam was sent to me by a mutual friend. As he lives in Nashville, we spoke over the phone and discussed his history and his…
Discreet Hair Therapy

Discreet Hair Therapy With LaserCap® Available Now

Imagine slipping a discrete and painless Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) device under your favorite baseball cap, to improve hair density and stimulate hair follicles and new growth. We offer LaserCap® at our hair restoration clinic in Madison, Mississippi.

Using FUE to Restore Hair Growth for Patients with FUT Scarring

If you had an FUT transplant procedure and have been unhappy with a noticeable incision scar, we can help with FUE scar revision services. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) uses A.I. and 3D mapping to strategically place new follicles.

FUE Treatment After Care for Patients

Forget what you heard about long-term recovery from traditional hair transplant procedures. With ARTAS® from Restoration Robotics, you'll experience minimum downtime and manageable after treatment care, with exceptional results.