A Non-Surgical Solution

If a FUE hair transplant is not an option for you right now, learn more about this affordable non-surgical aesthetic solution to thinning hair or baldness.  The procedure is minimally invasive, and provides a permanent visual solution for men (and women) who have thinning hair or alopecia (pattern baldness).  It is gaining popularity because it is a cost-effective option that provides immediate visual results, with virtually no downtime or complicated aftercare procedures.

Time to Get Rid of the Shine

When men shave their heads bald on a routine basis, they can develop a distracting ‘shine’ on their scalp.  Depending on your skin type and texture, this may not be a concern for you aesthetically.  But it can detract from your overall facial appearance.  Eliminate daily cosmetics to ‘cover it up’ and consider a permanent solution with micropigmentation.

Restoring Your Hairline

Scalp micropigmentation creates definition around the forehead and frames other facial features in a balanced way.  Once you have shaved your head due to hair loss, this is an effective method of creating contouring and depth that emulates a short, professional crew cut hairstyle.  Not only can permanent micropigmentation on the scalp be used to create a desirable visual effect, it can also be used to cover up scar tissue on the scalp, where hair follicles may be difficult to regrow.

How Long Does SMP Last?

One of the questions we are most frequently asked by our clients is “how long will it last?” While exposure to UV (sun) or tanning beds can cause some minor fading, scalp micropigmentation results can last decades.    Clients are very pleased with the long-term solution and the aesthetic result.

Female Thinning Hair

Some women first notice thinning hair around the temples, above the ears or at the front/top of the forehead, where hair naturally parts.  While many cosmetic products exist to ‘paint the scalp’ to your natural hair color, these chemicals can also exacerbate hair loss.   Micropigmentation is a celebrity secret to restore the look of thick and voluminous hair, and unlike temporary options, it is waterproof and will not rub off on clothing or bedding.