FUE Treatment After Care for Patients

Are Hair Transplant Procedures Painful? Why We Use ARTAS®

Patients are pleasantly surprised (and relieved) to find out that hair transplantation methods have become virtually pain-free, thanks to new technological innovations.  At Natural Restorations, we use the ARTAS® robotic FUE (follicular unit excision) tool for minimally invasive hair transplant treatments. Local anesthesia injections are applied to the scalp in the focus area for extraction […]

Strategies to Recreate a Natural Hair Line

Strategies to Recreate a Natural Hair Line If our patients wanted the look and feel of artificial hair, they would seek out the option of hair extensions or toupees. We know that those methods produce a less than satisfactory visual aesthetic, and our patients want real hair regrowth, for their active lifestyles. It wasn’t that […]

The Link Between Diet and Healthy Hair Growth

In the past two decades, there has been a trend of younger men seeking hair treatment for Male Pattern Baldness.  While balding is an issue that many men do not have to contend with until in their forties, many patients as young as twenty are experiencing significant hair loss. And that’s upsetting, when you can’t […]