Low Level Laser Therapy: seeing the light, wave(lengths) of the future, a new wave(length) of hair restoration

FUE Treatment After Care for Patients

Stress and Hair Loss: Understanding the Physiology

Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women

One of the great hallmarks of beauty for a woman is long and beautiful healthy hair. Hair is one of the first things people notice about you and perhaps something they use to describe you to others. It hints at your personality, youthfulness, and health.  But certain health conditions and lifestyle can make thinning hair […]

What Age Is Best to Start Hair Loss Treatment?

Picking the Right Time to Start Hair Transplant Procedures For men, androgenic hair loss can actually begin as early as age 17, where hair may start to show some signs of thinning, or above average loss is notable in the brush, or while taking showers. Male pattern baldness is caused by sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone or […]

Some Common Causes of Hair Loss for Men

Understanding the root causes of hair loss remains an important part of developing the right hair restoration treatment plan for our patients.   We’d like to share the most common causes of hair loss for men, to help our patients identify medical and procedural treatments that support improvement in hair density, retention and regrowth. Genes, Hormones […]

The Link Between Diet and Healthy Hair Growth

In the past two decades, there has been a trend of younger men seeking hair treatment for Male Pattern Baldness.  While balding is an issue that many men do not have to contend with until in their forties, many patients as young as twenty are experiencing significant hair loss. And that’s upsetting, when you can’t […]

Welcome to Natural Restorations

Thank you for visiting our website, and welcome to Natural Hair Restorations hair clinic, in Madison Mississippi.   We have acquired the world’s leading technology in hair replacement, transplant and restoration to provide our patients with permanent results. We all know that hair loss is an unwelcome part of getting older.  What many people don’t understand […]