Image guided alignment unmatched by human manual techniques. After using artificial intelligence (AI) to map the scalp area, the ARTAS identifies the best hair follicles to extract for successful implantation.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the use of ARTAS FUE for hair transplantation procedures.  The advanced technology is an essential step forward for men (and women) who are seeking less invasive options for hair transplants.

Minimally Invasive

The signs of an FUT/Strip can be easy to identify, even years after a traditional hair graft procedure.  The surgical method of FUT/Strip also requires stitches and some downtime for recovery.  ARTAS leaves no linear scar, there are no stitches and patients require minimal downtime. The majority of patients find the procedure and recovery virtually pain free.


Physicians get tired.  Robots never do.  And you simply cannot compare the consistency and quality of each individual graft when you evaluate manual methods versus robotic follicle extraction and transplant with ARTAS.  The same quality is achieved on the 2000th  graft as on the first extracted follicle.

Donor Area Appearance

Using state of the art technology and hair restoration services is nothing to be embarrassed about.  Patients around the world (including celebrities and athletes) are endorsing the FUE method of hair transplantation.  Patients do not however, want the procedure to be visibly noticeable.  ARTAS helps retain the natural appearance of your donor area.

Recipient Site Making

The calculation of hair volume and density, as well as the varied depths of each hair follicle (at the root) are evaluated through the 3-dimension scan of the patient’s scalp by the ARTAS System.  What comes next is a precision ‘road map’ that allows our doctor to extract healthy follicles from a variety of target areas, to build an ideal hair pattern, while avoiding damage to other healthy follicles.

Permanent Results

The transplanted hair is natural, permanent and yours.  Using the patient’s own hair follicles to regenerate hair growth in areas of pattern baldness or thinning, you can restore natural, healthy, strong and dense hair.