Thank you for visiting our website, and welcome to Natural Hair Restorations hair clinic, in Madison Mississippi.   We have acquired the world’s leading technology in hair replacement, transplant and restoration to provide our patients with permanent results.

We all know that hair loss is an unwelcome part of getting older.  What many people don’t understand (until it happens to them) is how upsetting and malicious the cycle of hair thinning can be. 

Thinning can seem sudden as hairs that were normally shed grow back thinner, shorter, and eventually, not at all.  The early stages of hair loss can also mimic other temporary symptoms, like stress, dietary imbalance or issues that may (or may not) be related to a chronic disease condition.  In any event, individuals become aware that there may be a problem, but they are optimistic and hopeful that it will stop eventually, and that normal hair regrowth will occur.

When you begin to start noticing thinning hair in natural light, that’s usually when the investigative process continues. Patients may consult with their primary care provider to rule out other health concerns that may be contributing to hair loss.  Your doctor is the first step, to help you rule out lifestyle changes, health conditions and other variables that can help.

Hair loss symptoms and progression vary by patient.  For some, the transition from thick hair to thinning and noticeable baldness can be fast.   For others, it can take more than five years for the cumulative density loss to really become noticeable.

It’s stressful.  No one likes to lose their hair, and that’s when our investigative natures kick in and we begin to ‘try everything’ that we see on television or hear about through a friend of family member.  There are always people who say they fixed the problem with some kind of cream or shampoo treatment they bought off an infomercial.  In our clinical experience, those turnarounds are temporary, because they fail to address the root causes of hair loss.

At Natural Restorations, we want our patients to feel confident about the results they can achieve through clinical hair and scalp treatments.

During your visit, we will:

  • Address the unique cause(s) of your hair loss
  • Suggest early interventions to help retain more of your natural hair
  • Create a treatment plan that can include prescription strength medications to stimulate retention and regrowth, Platelet Rich Plasma, Low Level Laser Therapy and/or FUE Hair Transplantation, the most aggressive treatment we offer.
  • If indicated, we’ll design a transplant procedure to build volume and density in sparse areas and recreate a hairline that frames your face to improve your look.

While there are many aesthetic treatments out there, few have the ability to restore the confidence and satisfaction that our patients experience when they have successfully regrown their hair.  Our natural processes minimize pain and discomfort during hair transplant procedures using FUE and ARTAS® technologies for hairline design, less-invasive follicle extraction and implantation.

You can rebuild your full head of hair.  We have the technology, the know-how and the service you can rely on for honest advice.  We look forward to serving you.  Welcome to Natural Hair Restorations, an experienced clinical team ready to help you get results.

Dr. Jamie McCollum