85 %

Of American men experience significant hair thinning by age 50.

50 %

Of hair is lost before it becomes visibly noticeable.


Number of Hair Transplants performed in the United States, annually.


Of men report hair to be an important feature of image.

Advanced Permanent Solutions for Thinning Hair


At Natural Restorations we are committed to providing lasting results, with a variety of proven methods that stimulate hair re-growth for a natural look our patients feel good about.

There are clinically proven strategies for every stage of hair loss, including FDA proven medications, non-invasive low level laser therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, minimally invasive Hair Transplantation techniques and more.

With a dedicated medical team, our patients trust the advice and solutions we provide.   You’ll feel the difference, and notice improvement throughout each stage of treatment.

Free Clinical Consultation

Start with a consultation with our doctor to diagnose the cause of your hair loss. From our evaluation, we can suggest solutions to help prevent further hair loss, and restore volume, density and scalp coverage.

Advanced Hair Loss and Restoration Treatments

Prescription Medications, PRP, Low Level Laser Therapy, Robotic Hair Transplantation and more…

Finance and Payment Options

If you are currently losing hair, it is important to know that the condition will not improve without medical intervention.   Don’t put off starting your treatment.  We accept a variety of payment methods, and financing is available through United Medical Credit and Care Credit.

Patient Testimonial

Wonderful Experience!  Talked to Dr. McCollum on a whim about thinning of hair at crown.  Before I knew it with the information he provided and the aid of himself and his skilled staff I no longer have a “hole” at my crown.  The experience in a nutshell was…….easy.      – G.S.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is the most aggressive service we offer.  It is the most successful at giving you the density in thinning areas that you desire.  And it is the only choice when you want to add hair to areas of your scalp that have passed thinning and are now bald.  After our Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) hair transplant procedure, you will begin to notice new growth of your own natural hair at 4-6 months.

Patient Testimonial

Dr. McCollum and his staff were very professional, yet the atmosphere was relaxed on procedure day.  The procedure went well and proceeded just as I was informed and to my surprise……..had NO pain post procedure. Zero.  Surprising, but much welcomed.  If you’ve had doubts……DON”T.  If you’ve ever thought about doing something about your thinning hair……DO.  I recommend Dr. McCollum and his staff with no reservations. – S. A.

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